Updated VRML Exporter for Blender

Lot of additions and improvements:

See here:

Updated again, see changes here:
http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/x3d/changes.txt ,

Download again here:

Please, post any problem you got on this thread!


I don’t (can’t) really use VRML, as i have no use of it. Did you post on cgtalk? some people might have apps for that and find this very usefull, and it would give you a maximum testing experience.

you feature list is great nevertheless. Allways cool to hear something wil work better now.
good day!

Hi Bart,

Great to see more improvements on the export VRML97 script! You mentioned in another post that you were writing help files. I think I would need to have these to test the script as I had a play with it and cannot get a texture or image in the World buttons for the background node. I tried a cloud texture. I was able to get two colours to blend with each other so I did at least get a background. The crease function has improved. However I had a plane extruded into a thin box with a ball placed on top. When I viewed the object from underneath I could no longer see the plane. The bottom was gone. (I think this has to do with the double sided issue?)

There is another script out that has limited animation for VRML. Sorry, can’t remember who did that, but it would be great to put the two scripts together somehow.

If you give me some specific directions on what settings to try in Blender I can test for you on a Win2000 machine.

Again, many thanks and well done!


here is an older and uncomplete help:

When you got the link about the VRML exporter that can do animation drop the URL here and i would include it or drop me a line to: [email protected]. You can send me your test file for debugging too!

The twosided problem is not a problem of exporting. Blender shows faces in object mode always two sided, to see which is the visible side of an face you must switch to face mode.

Will this add as a note to help pages.

Bart YOU ARE THE MAN. I had not realized that there was another blender to vrml2 export other then the one written years ago by RickSta and included in the scripts directory… He has gotten a ‘real job’ in IT so he has not been able to update it for at least two years. I have not even looked at this yet but it is a godsend for me, since I do most of my modeling in blender then export to vrml, then do cleanup in Spazz3d before I post the world to the web. Lets keep in touch. I thought I was the only vrml person amoung the blenderhead here other then Rick.



Thanks so much for the help link! This will be a great start.

About the link to the VRML script with basic animation. Go here:

About the double sided button in Blender to VRML issue. Go here:

Again thanks so much. And, yes there are people interested in this VRML script!


I did not even know that one was there gaiamuse. It would be nice if thise two were integrated.

BTW Bart I have not had a chance to actually test your script out. Does it support blender procedurals. I know that Rick’s script did not, but that was not much of a problem for me since I tend to want to uv texture.

My script is continued development of Rick Kimball Script. Thax for the links i will check it and if it is possible i will try cobining my Script+Animation.

I will using this script developing parallel a great X3D output. It seems after finishing and writing help pages ths exporters wil include in next Blender release.

About procedual textures i must think about a way creating images from the proceduals etc. Do not know if it possible. May come in next releases.

Any suggestions, wishes etc. you have post here will check it frequently.


Ok, seems to be possible add this basic animation features. Will try to move the position of a mesh out from the vertex in to the transform position attribute.

Looked into the code of the vrml animation, seems to be dirty and not really efffective. It doesn’t check if an object has keys for LOC, Rot etc. it just exports all :frowning:

May animation stuff come in next version but smooth and fine using IPO values and keys for real interpolationg.


checked two sided and it worked well. Added transaltion option to the transform so position of the mesh is not depending on Verteices.

Now will do that into a x3d exporter and writing help pages.

Aims for the next version are:

  • support for video texture if the image textur has the extension mov, ram, qt, avi, divx, mpg, mpg4 etc.
  • Multitexture for X3D
  • TextureTransform using face modes Tile and the repeat option on textures
  • export of animationen using keys of the IPO
  • DEF and USE for meshes
  • creating group nodes using make parent

Ooo Aahh!! This is great! Will the two-sided issue be an update or will it be in the next major release?

As for the next release–video textures, animation with IPOs… are you a wizard or something? Fantastic stuff you are doing!

I have one small request. Is it possible to put back the option to export the selected objects?

Thanks heaps Bart!


Exporting “Selected objects” is there. What version of Blender and which OS you are using?

BTW even now put an update online again, some small bugfixes.

First chapter of the new help is ready:

Creating Web3D-Content (VRML/ X3D) using Blender

Exporting Meshes

Exporting “Selected objects” is there. What version of Blender and which OS you are using?

I am using Windows 2000 and Blender 2.36. I am still not able to get a submenu with the selected objects etc even though I see it in the python script heading.

BTW even now put an update online again, some small bugfixes.

Is it newer than the one in the previous post? If so, where?

BTW, thanks for the first chapter in the new help. I have noticed that two-sided works only with a UV texture not with a material colour. Thanks for getting it to work as it will be very useful.

Looking forward to the rest of the chapters!


Still same download url:

I’m on it and fixing same bugs and added option to export material only combined with twosided.

New version uploaded:

Added support for TextureTransform and exporting just material settings and twosided too:

See first chapter of help:

…and some bugfixes too :slight_smile:

1: Good work. I’m glad to see development on a VRML exporter script again.

2: To all the users: What do you use the script for? I use it with wirefusion to create interactive web stuff. I’m curious how else I might utilize this script.