*Updated * WC #75 (WIP) 8)

ok well this is the basic idea so far… pretty simple… the metal balls fall to the bottem only to get sucked back up via the tube in the middle. Still working on lighting and adding extra stuff in there… C&C welcome 8)


Larger pic here : http://mysite.verizon.net/res6ocwg/balls.jpg

thanks for your time… vamp

cool idea.

Ehm but how does it get sucked up??? and where does the sucker get its power… I mean a perpetuum mobile should be able to work indefinitely and under it’s own power.

macouno, it looks like there’s enough room at the bottom of the pipe in the gold thing to hold a device for pushing air through the pipe.

Anyway, the only suggestion I have is that instead of using “ball’s” and “drop’s”, u should have “balls” and “drops”. Just simple puctuation. :wink:

its simply really… err kinda… what happends is when the Balls fall down the ramps they generate static-electricity, which in turn is proccessed by the Extremely high tech device built into the base and is then used to power the vacuum… The metal balls are only (Metal) in appearance and are actually quite light, and made of a very special substance. So only a small vacuum is need to pull the balls up through the tube…


Larger version : http://mysite.verizon.net/res6ocwg/Staticballs.jpg

C&C please :wink:

Looks really nice! My only crit is I keep feeling like I should be seeing a shadow on the “annoying balls” text, since it sticks out a bit.

Nice work!! :smiley: