Updates to Adobe add-ons for Blender

The thread about Adobe and Blender was locked so posting this here: A new beta is available for the Substance add-on and it adds Linux support among other things. Changelist below.


  • Linux support: Ubuntu and CentOS distributions
  • External Parameter Preset (.SBSPRS) support: Create, load and apply external (custom) parameter presets direct to Blender!
  • Opacity input is connected to the Alpha channel in BSDF material
  • Update and Uninstall Substance 3D Integration Tools from Substance 3D add-on preferences
  • Substance Engine v. 8.2.0 compatibility


  • Emission/Emsisive map is not generating
  • Crash occurs with users who have wide characters in their folder structures

Known Issues:

  • Substance 3D Integration Tools continues to run even when Blender is closed after a crash occurs
  • Substance 3D Integration Tools is disabled when Blender is open in multiple sessions
  • No error message is displayed when a Substance 3D material cannot be applied to an object
  • Substance 3D Integration Tools crashes when dragging a parameter slider multiple times (Mac version only, specifically Catalina)
  • Parameters do not update live in viewport when using Cycles render

Probably not the right place to ask, And I’m sorry for that, but is it possible to have an Adobe add-on to integrate Blender and After Effects?

What kind of integration would you like to see between the 2?

Usually, there is some integration between After and some other programs (don’t know if I can list them here).

Transfering lights, empties, camera information to be used between both apps.

You can see more here. This is a new add-on: https://aescripts.com/blenderae/

Supported in Object Mode:

  • Cameras to Ae Cameras.
  • Lights to Ae Lights.
  • Objects transformations to Nulls.
  • Empties transformations to Nulls.
  • Planes (planar) to precomposed shape layers.

Supported in Edit Mode:

  • Selected vertices (in vertex mode) to Nulls
  • Selected planar Faces (in face mode) to precomposed shape layers.

Where I can found this release, what link, please?

You can find the link to download the addon here: https://substance3d.adobe.com/magazine/the-substance-3d-add-on-for-blender-is-here/

New version available:


Features Added:

  • Min/Max slider parameters have blue sliders instead of spinners
  • Create, modify, delete presets
  • Added API to load SBSAR and SBSARS using scripts
  • New Load/Apply button
  • Added a feature so that users can modify SBSAR in Substance Designer and export to the same location in Blender using the refresh button in Blender

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where the Roughness slider would snap to zero and could not be changed
  • Changing material preset to Normal Format DirectX instead of OpenGL
  • Fixed Substance Remote Engine error where loading .SBSAR file without selecting it in GUI

A huge update for the Blender plugin is now available on Adobe Prerelease thanks to @ymmanuel_who

Full changelog:

Release notes for Addon version 0.91+

  • Plugin version 0.91+ has no backward compatibility with the previous versions of the plugin
  • Re-architecture of the internal codebase to improve the performance and stability of the plugin
  • Revamped UI to improve the overall user experience
  • Added UI to provide the ability to modify the default tiling
  • Added support for updating textures in cycles render view
  • Added error handling in the console to notify if a substance failed to load
  • Updated the floating menu with quick actions

Preferences Section: Added/Updated:

  • Export Image Format parameter; when images generated within Blender are used as image inputs for a Substance material, this format is used to save that image to the Temporal folder.
  • Sbsar library path; specifies the folder that is opened by default when the Load button is used to search for a substance file.
  • A default texture export path (Temporal folder) that emulates the path that is used by Substance 3d Painter to handle unsaved file exports
    • Texture relative path same as above, with the option to use keys like $matName to create subfolders
  • Sbsar files relative path to creating a subfolder that packages the sbsar files used in your blend file when you save your project
  • Ability to dynamically set different shader networks in preferences
    • In the shader network, ability to set different variables per shader depending on the shader needs
    • In the outputs section of the shader network, you have the ability to set if an output is enabled by default
  • Ability to set the colorspace (this will support aces, linear exr and blender filmic workflows, not only srgb)
  • The default selection of the image format and bitdepth
  • A generic output to set up the values for output usages not defined in the shader, for example if you have another output that is not used by default by the shader, for examples,like a mask.
  • A filter to change the type of outputs(1 Only enabled outputs, 2 All outputs that are in the shader and in the Substance, 3 All outputs available in the Substance)
  • Support for custom shortcuts

Substance 3D Panel Section: Added/Updated:

  • Ability to adjust and lock the tiling and resolution parameter value
  • Updated preset UI
  • The shader type dropdown to change the type of graph that users want to have
  • Changed the image input parameter to the standard image input used in Blender. You can now use blender images and not just files
  • Ability to work in multiple Blender instances at any time
  • Support for auto-highlighting of the materials in the Substance 3D panel when the material is selected in the viewport

The plugin is now out of beta and can be downloaded HERE!


A new update for the Substance plugin for Blender is available and can be downloaded on the Adobe Prerelease website!

Substance 3D Add-on 2.0.0 (Prerelease)

(Please make sure to install both the addon and the integration tool)

Release notes for Addon version 2.0

Major release with improved and optimized integration tools

Features Added/Updated:

  • [SRE] Substance Engine selection support (GPU is the default)
  • [SRE] New image formats to export the textures
  • [SRE] Bit depth selection for each map type
  • [BLD] Value outputs support
  • [BLD] String input support
  • [SRE] Added option to select the default temporary folder for the image export destination


  • [SRE] Overall performance improvement
  • [BLD] Fixed communication issues between the Integration Tools and Blender
  • [BLD] Integration Tools fail to install/start
  • [BLD] Integration Tools fail to end when you close Blender
  • [BLD] Material not updating when changing the file type of a map
  • [SRE] All maps of the materials are exported all the time
  • [SRE] Integration Tools export normal maps with stair-stepping
  • [SRE] Substance load never finishes
  • [SRE] Physical Size units are not adjusted to the scene
  • [BLD] Presets generated in Blender don’t work with other integrations
  • [BLD] Material doesn’t update in Cycles
  • [BLD] Soft and hard limits of inputs are ignored
  • [BLD] Color intensity not updating correctly when adjusting a parameter
  • [SRE] Integration Tools uninstall fails

Known issues:

  • Cltr+Z to undo changes might cause errors
  • Loading an empty file or a folder instead of a .sbsar file might break the plugin
  • Support for Blender headless mode
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