This time I wanted to make an image like Parallelbased on “Pottery and 3d Printing”.
When I started this project, I did not think that a clay printer exist, but that’s real “Olivier van Herpt” did it.(http://oliviervanherpt.com/).

Nice, nice, nice, i specially like the older room.
Interesting link, thanks.

I like the concept of these pieces, though one thing that strikes me is the building itself looks newer in the modern scene, and older and weathered in the historical scene.

It’d be interesting to see the reverse, Brand new building with historical tools, and an older, run down building with the newest equipment.

I like the concept of these. Please keep them coming! Love that it’s in the same room. Transports you right between the two eras.

to Horizon and ZStudioLabs: thank you i’m happy you appreciate it.

to SterlingRoth: thank you and do you mean something like this?

Yeah, that’s awesome. I feel like it conveys the sense of time much better. Before they seemed like parallel worlds, now it seems like the same world in different times.