Upgrading Graphics Card on a Budget - Two of a Kind 970 vs Single 1070?

Hello everyone, I’m hoping to get some experienced opinions about how I should do my next gear upgrade. I currently have an i7 CPU with 32 gigs of ddr4 ram, and a single GTX 970. I might have about ~$100 to upgrade, and I want something that will make viewport previews faster in addition to renders. I’m wondering if it would be better to buy an additional 970, so that one could handle the viewport and reduce lag, or if I’d be better off selling the one I have and putting that toward a GTX 1070 or something in that range.

I’m mainly trying to get better performance with cycles scenes that use a lot of procedural textures and 50,000-500,000 verts, as well as microdisplacement terrains, in case that changes anything.

Thanks in advance for the input.

Yes. that would be my choice. The 1070 would be a much faster gpu for viewports and rendering too. And it has 8gb of Vram, which gives you twice the headroom for larger scenes.

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I think you should take single 2060. It will be better than 1070 and it is also in that price range only

With the new 3000 series coming out, I would wait a bit.
Lots of people will be swapping their card, and you might get faster cards for the same budget.

And a 3070 is roughly a 100 bucks on top of a 2060.
There will be a lot of dumping in the near months of previous gen cards I think.

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