Upgrading help? 1070 or 1070ti

Hi guys, recently my outdated gtx 560ti has been acting up. I’m looking to upgrade to a 1070 for cycles. However, I’m wondering if I should fork out the extra cash for the 1070ti. Its the difference between £270 and £430 though. Right now I don’t have access to my computer because of this, so it’s not like I can wait for price drops. If anyone has any advice/better value options, I would appreciate it.

1070 Ti is a 16 % faster

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Get a used 1070ti imo. I wouldn’t get a new one now.

I settled for a new 1070. I needed something for now and didn’t want to take any risks. For future reference though, would you guys just use ebay or amazon to buy used?

Also if i wanted to use two cards together do they have to be the same type?

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No, you can use different models too.