uploader.polorix.net Back Online!

Hey guys, just wanted to let the people who use my uploader know that it’s back up, exactly one month from it’s hiatus. Everything is working perfectly, unload all your new stuff! And remember, totally free, no ads, no bullshit.

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hopfaly it wont get hacked again:evilgrin:

glad your back.

very good news :slight_smile:

Good to know all my files are still there, thanks for bringing it back.


Thank you so much for your work, polorix!

It’s very helpfull!

Thanks polorix!


No problem guys, as long as i’m helping out and people are using it, i love providing it for free!

Hi, polorix. =)

Just droppin’ a line to say thank you for your priceless (no pun intended) services. You help a lot of people by doing that.

It was really sad what those script kiddies did. I’m sure they weren’t hugged when they were children. =)


rings very true, thanks! :yes:

Awesome, go polorix!
My lifes’ been a major pain since it went down.

Yes excellent news ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much indeed!

lol I bet that actually was the case, non-hugged children = internet abuser :stuck_out_tongue: You’re welcome!

Why no ads? You could try to make money. Nothing wrong with that.

Because i personally think leave the advertise for tv and magazines, they just clutter up websites with benificial content. I apologize for not having ads on it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back!! You da man!

Cool! Thanks so much for providing a free hosting service that
is very simple to use for hosting and download files.
I have to say, downloading stuff from Polorix is so easy…
There is no download confirmations and extra links to click on. :yes:

Thanks for your support guys!

Very cool, thanks Polorix!