Urban Beast - Audi RS 6 Visualization

My latest Automotive visualization of an Audi RS 6. The idea was as the title “Urban Beast”. I wanted the final to have an aggressive and mostly gray scale look. Searched for urban architectural images to find something to fit the scene. Made the model and textured it with the help of Substance painter.

This is the final image

The idea was to relay go for that urban look, maybe not the 100% photo real look. Maybe what you would see in an ad or something where the image might be a bit more exaggerated.

I am working on some custom 3D scenes for automotive rendering (or product i guess). A collection of custom architectural/nature scenes to put the car or whatever in. This is a bit of a teaser.

Got some more scenes done but haven’t made any serious renders with them.
Hopefully i will be releasing some for you guys to play around with soon!

Have a great one // Adam


Mind = Blown into million pieces

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Dude, really epic render!

Did you model the car?