Urban citys

HI im looking to find out how to make urban cityscapes with skyscrapers and such. please help i don’t care how long it would take to do. Just some links or advice would be nice.:yes:

If you’re looking for detailed buildings, you’ll probably have to design each of them manually.

Start with a street layout, so you know where they should go. You can leave parts of it until later, but you should have some kind of plan. Make sure if you have any mountains, rivers or other geology, that you take it into account.

For the buildings, get an idea how how they should look. No need to go make sketches or anything, just have an idea. Make the base (start with a plane), extrude it, and then add details like doors and windows. Optionally, you could just leave that to textures and model the basic details.

You should probably make a single non-ground level floor then, and copy it as many times as to the height you want, making it smaller or what not along the way. Depending on the shape of the building, you may need to make a few of those - but most square buildings are easily done with just one. You could also make the floors separate objects and use array on them, which would make it easier to texture.

Then you’ll need to do the roof, which depends largely on the building you picked.

Rinse, repeat. You’ll have a city in no time. Well, maybe some time. :wink:

So you guys have not looked at the Suicidator city generator script in the Python Forum?

actually after i wrote this i did look at that script and it is great. That would be good for aerial shots. And thanks for the advice bky

If any one know links to good building reference pics please share.

You can find a bunch on wikimedia commons. I usually do primitive buildings, but there is a lot of modern there as well. You could always use Google, too.

Also visit doschdesign.