Urban Dream

Hi all,
Here’s another scene building on the technique used for my earlier Berlin Courtyard. Another Berlin street, I’m afraid, but references are easier to come by when one stays close to home.
All modeled in Blender, rendered in Indigo 1.0.4.
I’m not going to pollute this forum too much so anyone interested in seeing quite a few more angles on this scene and a wire shot, check here:


As always, comments, criticism, abuse etc. much welcome


Hmm looks like you just added some bubbles in front of some nice pictures of a town…

I’m joking of course! This piece of work is downright incredible! The quality of the textures and models are near perfect! You have done a wonderful job right there! Gallery quality work here!

My only crits are
-a lack of a more visible bump on the cobles of the street
-The glass of the lamp posts seems a bit too transparent too me
-Do bubbles cast solid shadows?
-We can see two white square planes in the reflections of the bubbles

My positive comments are
-Incredible modelling and texturing. Lighting is good if not a bit bland
-Great trees!
-Interesting idea with the bubbles. Add a nice sureal touch to the piece which would have been too bland with out them

Top notch stuff!

I love your lighting. Do you use render nodes or just strait rendering??

Great scene BTW :slight_smile:

Hi Deathgruppie. These are straight Indigo renders. One pass each, no postprod.

Wow, I absolutely love the black and white one, as well as the one from the extreme angle (out.jpg). NIce work!

How do you create the brickwork? I’m working on a similar project at the moment and am just about on the materials and texturing stage. Any tips would be much appreciated!

I’m thinking gallery…again

Almost perfect except for one big thing: the reflections on the bubbles repeat! Fix that and I think it’s gallery-worthy twice over.

Blenditall: Thanks mate. Following comments on the Indigo forum, I’ve cooked and uploaded a better version of this image you mention with a more interesting tree. See the top of the thread for the new image.

Richy: Each facade as just one very large texture representing the entire facade of the building and wrapped around the model using frontal and lateral UV projection. So every brick is different and corresponds to its real-life equivalent since there is no tiling. It only works if you’re using very large maps (4k, or 2k minimum). There is a bump map, and a specular map too, to give the illusion of volume for every brick.
(EDIT: For a closer look at how I did the facade as well as some textures and blend files, take a look at the tutorials on my website’s “download” page.)

tcrazy: Thanks for your kind comment!

BlendRoid: I know it looks a little disturbing, but the reflections are actually correct, since the scene gets reflected twice - once on the external surface of the bubble, and once on the inner wall. That’s the thing about Indigo: Since it’s physically based, you can’t cheat with it and it will always render things the way they are in real life, without much room for artistic licence. The big black square in the reflection, by the way, is the shadown of a backlit building on the square at the back of the camera.