Urban Ninjas | Cyberpunk

Hi Guys, I would like to share 2 of my characters. These are quick concept characters for a cyberpunk themed world.
All the hard surface and base meshes made in blender, as well as texturing and shading. Clothes were made in MD and Zbrush.

I downloaded the shoes from blendswap and modified them a bit. So credit to the creators.

The BG are images I comped in photoshop for a quick presentation and feel.

Which one do you like the most?


more renders


Awesome work there! I think the jacket on the female model is a little too puffy in the back, but that might just be me. Looks SUPER cool!
Also, just for fun, it might be good to spend just a little more time matching the lighting in the photo, specifically with that front lighting coming out of seemingly nowhere makes it look a little like game graphics where the background has baked lighting and the characters use a tweaked MATCAP.
Might as well, seeing how much detail you put into the models’ photorealism.

As for my favorite photo, I gotta say, I love the first image. If I could tweak one thing about the composition, though, I’d like to see an alternate version with her facing into the frame (as a general rule of thumb). Facing out works pretty well in this particular case, though.

Thank you very much for the tips! I would definitely try to fix the lighting and composition.
And yes, this is my favorite render as well =)

This is really nice work Evan.

Thank you very much