[Urgen Help Needed] Active an object through collision

I have a project that need to be done on Monday so i need someone to reply me this ASAP.

Here’s my problem:
I have 3 objects. One is my character, door, and an empty (invisible) object.
Now i want my character when he touched the empty object, this will animate my door from frame 1 - 60 (allows my character to walk through the door when it opens). It seems simple but i really have no idea how to do the setting in buttons window.

Help me guys & Thanks!

I’m pretty sure empties have no collision.

Try using the near sensor on the door. I attached an example to demonstrate. Take note of how I used the nand controller to play the closing animation (also take note that I used actions not ipos, but the same thing can be done with an ipo actuator).


door.blend (123 KB)

thanks u so much… ur my hero :smiley:

Yay, andrew saves the day. Nice example.

If you press bounds it works for empties, since they have no mesh they will not get one automatically.