Urgent:Getting logged out instantly and ...


Urgent problem here,sometimes when i log in i get logged out instantly.Also other days i get an error message when trying to log in that says i have used up my login quota and that i need to wait 15min (even though i haven’t logged in in 2 days and it’s my first login attempt.

I’m not sure if someone is trying to bruteforce my password or if it’s simply a problem with the site.

Is there a way i can see a log of all the login attempts and accompanied IP’s to my account?


Not easily. More likely it’s a cookie or cache issue. Which browser are you using? Also, do you have any add-ons/extensions for that browser enabled?


Only adblock and adblock popup blocker installed.It’s also set not to remember history.

I’m not having this problem with other VBulletin boards…

Let us know if you are getting this across all browsers, or any other information to help trouble shoot. I was able to reproduce this, but it is inconsistent. I just purged cache on cloud flare.com just in case and have been able to remain logged in since then. If you are still seeing this please drop an e-mail to [email protected].

Look forward to helping out!

I’m not sure if you made any changes to the site but i haven’t had any problems for a while now.
I’ll let you know if it happens again