[Urgent] How to install Blender 2.71 on Kubuntu?

I have installed blender on many versions of Ubuntu but Kubuntu seems different. I haven’t tried running the blender Linux version on Kubuntu though but I predict that it will not work out of the box as it did on Ubuntu or Linux mint.

I am moving to Linux because as I observed, my pc is much ‘cooler’ on Linux and Windows 8 than on Windows 7 or XP. But I prefer Linux over Windows 8 because it has less problems when it comes to viruses (usb breach, net breach, spywares, etc…) and Blender renders 2 minutes faster on Linux.

It is exactly the same way as in Ubuntu. You must first install the Blender version existing in the repositories (using Muon), for certain dependencies are installed. Then you can download version 2.71 from the Blender site and execute the “blender” file. If you want, now you can uninstall Blender that was installed from the repositories.

Surely in Ubuntu or Mint you had first installed Blender from the repositories.

Thanks. I will see if that will work. When I used Ubuntu 12.04 for the first time, I just searched the software center and Blender popped out. They must have added the repo but for Kubutu I have to add it me self.

Kubuntu uses exactly the same repositories as Ubuntu. For Ubuntu 14.04 the Blender version in repositories is 2.69:

So if you have installed Blender 2.71 from Software Center, surely you had add a PPA repo. I do not recommend you to install blender from PPA. I recommend you download the official Blender version from the official Blender site and run the file “blender” from the file browser. You can easily create a launcher for the “blender” executable file in Kubuntu and associate the .blend extension to blender 2.71. But remember, as I had already said, you need to first install Blender from repository for some dependencies are installed (Kubuntu uses Muon instead of SoftwareCenter).

Or from Konsole (terminal):

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install blender

dependencies will be installed too.Then if you are going to use version 2.71 from Belnder site, you can uninstall blender 2.69 if you want.

I will try that one. At the moment, I’m still looking for my misplaced Kubuntu Live CD.