Urgent! Manuel Bastioni is stopping development for lack of support (makehuman evolved plugin)


(kobaltkween) #42

I too agree that we should respect his decision, but it seems, well, irrational. Every day we see stuff going viral of things people pulled from the web more than a decade ago, because the web is archived by more people than you. There’s no functional problem with the assumption of reading it from the official domain, and it’s something that people are familiar with. And really, again, it’s not as if stopping you actually stops the information from being available. It just makes it more annoying and difficult, not impossible.

(KickAir 8P) #43

I’m a bit confused on this – wasn’t ManuelbastioniLAB, including the website’s documentation, under a CC BY 4.0 license? If so, Manuel not only has no legal right to prevent distribution of copies, but there’s an argument to be made that attempting to do so is unethical and we shouldn’t “respect his decision”. Isn’t preventing this kind of erasure, at least partly, pretty much the point?

(z01ks) #44

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but there could be a post to show how many people would buy this program. I still used the ported over version in 2.8 and I would definitely agree to pay for it.

(Hergosc) #45

I’m agree with kobaltween, we must respect the decision of manuel bastioni but it is irrational.

If manuel had proposed un subscription, i had pay to help the developpment of his software because it is incredible.

Manuel has made an other choice and he seems to want to charge the users by by preventing development from continuing without him.

It seems unfair to me.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #46

I have no stake in this as I don’t use the addon, but may I just say, that’s extremely unprofessional, and very much counter to the spirit of FOSS.

I’d respect his wishes in the end, but think twice about doing any future business.

(Felix Kütt) #47

I do wonder if the internet archive couldn’t help.


(jskksj) #48

Perhaps in time it could all be folded into the makehuman project. They are working are their own Blender plugin.

(Safetyman) #49

I haven’t been following Makehuman since MBLab came out… how’s their progress?

(ouraf) #50

models are still ugly as a sin, but isn’t abandoned