Urgent really frustrating problem I have...

Okay, I’m working on a blender game, so everything works until today, when I try playing it and BAM!!! Blender quits. I tried it like 5 times over, even restarted my computer, but it does the same thing every time. Moreover, this is even worse!!! I save it as runtime, and open the runtime file, and as soon as it’s open it quits!!! Can anyone tell me why on earth this is happening?

This problem happened to me before, it’s kinda like a graphic problem
Are you using an integrated chipset?, actually this problem started when i took out my video card, and started using the integrated chipset…

What version of Blender are you using? The most recent ones from GraphicAll appear to have the BGE broken.

Do you get some kind of error messege if you run it in terminal?

if it worked before, I would suspect from this:

1 - problems with a 2D filter that you are using

2 - problem with the material.

3 - problem with the logic of any object.

I would solve this by deleting first all objects on the scene and press play, if it crashes it ll probably a blender problem, you could reinstall it, after that you could delete just half of the scene and see witch half crashes or not crashes the scene, then you ll narrow down the options, then it would be easy to find out what is wrong.

Thanks for the comments all!
@socker, I don’t think I’m using a chipset.
@SolarLune, I use Blender 2.61. It’s what I had been using before when it worked, most recently.
@johannstein, I hit P and Blender quits. All I get is a “blender quit unexpectedly” message, and I wish I could reply saying “I KNOW!!!” but it’s just the computer. Bummer.
@leonnn, I don’t use 2D in Blender games. I don’t know how, actually. 2, I never changed any of the materials since it worked.
3, none of the logic changed either. And I actually tried playing a different scene, but it just crashed. Crashing, crashing, crashing. I could try what you said though.

I tried again and I’ve found the problem. On a really simple scene it works, like the scene from which I link the basic objects, but on scene 5 there’s a SERIOUS polygon overload - I looked at the face count and it numbered 900 thousand! I’m going to have to make things lower poly.

So, you’re actually using a graphic card right?, if you’re using one then wih is the model and the brand?, some cards tend to have this problem with blender, my old Nvidia FX 5500 had that problem, i’m now using a Nvidia 8800 GTS, wich doesn’t give me problems right now.