urgent! VSE and images

I have a deadline by sunday that I need to hit and am really struggling as to how I can get this done.

Here’s the problem:
I have a blender file that has several image sequences set up in the video sequence editor… But I had to move my project from a mac to a PC recently (see below for why). Problem is, I forgot to enable “relative paths” when placing all of these image sequences, so now blender doesn’t know where to find them! And because of the way mac and PC handle directories differently, I can’t seem to arrange my files in the same way to fix the situation.

Ex: mac’s directory is \Users\whatever whereas on PC it will be c:\users\whatever…
hope that makes sense…

is there a way to still get blender to find these files without having to place them all again? I’ll never have time if not :frowning:

P.S. The only reason I am trying to jump over to PC is because blender on mac can’t seem to output audio with video. Is this true? Is there a way?

Any suggestions or open source software solutions would be lovely! I am running out of time :frowning:

Hia, sorry to hear of your predicament…

Um, yep, I believe there’s a simple and pain-free way to do this. I’m running the SVN from the 27th Nov I got from graphicall.org ( I just checked 2.44 too, but it doesn’t have the feature)

You can goto Strip->Remap Paths (Ctrl-R). I believe this will do what you want.

EDIT: confirmed! RemapPaths will do just what you need. Just enter the old path, hit ok then enter the new path and hit ok. Only bummer is that you can’t browse to the directory - you have to type it in.

EDIT #2: Oops, 'twas actually the SVN build from yesterday the 28th. Here’s a link to the download page: Blender SVN-trunk with FLT script updates

sweet new option.

if you dont/cant get latest SVN, believe it or not it is simpler to just re-define the strips using relative,and then copy the new blend over to the mac. Then the problem is fixed for both versions.

awesome to hear there is hope

Yeah, only problem is that I have everything placed precisely as it needs to be (like several VSE effects and stuff). Thus meaning, re-defining the strips could take a lot of time that I don’t have at this point :frowning: