[urgent] Where do i access softbody?

I use blender 2.40 on mac, i read in the manual i can access the softbody panel under the object tab, but on ther mesh i cretae i only get anim settings, draw and constraint there…any ideas??

click on the Object icon, check for the Physics Buttons icon (on the same header) and click on it. It should call the Fluid Sim and Softbody tabs.


Hit F7 twice or so.


Ugh, thank you :slight_smile:
One more question, basically all i need is this: i have a character with a bag attached through a rope over his shoulder. I try to animate and set things up in my armature so that the rope (which is affected by the armature) doesn’t go through the character’s body when he moves, but i cannot get decent results when i move is spine (for small deformations i get decent results). So i thought i might convert the rope to e softbody so that it follows body movements. In a first test i built a plane and a box. The plane falls on the box and properly deforms, but when i try to animate the box (i.e. it goes up in the direction of the plane), the simukation doesn’t work anymoe (the plane passe through the box). Is it even a reasonable and possible way? What am i doing wrong? Any ideas?
Thanks again for your help!

To tell you the truth I don’t think blender’s softbody simulation system is stable enough to do that kind of stiff rigid rope movement, I think your best be would be to put bones in the rope and animate it by hand, in the end that will probalby be faster than having to tweak settings in a softbody simulator.
Good luck!

Yeah, thanks for replying. I tried over and over and just concluded softbodies are not yet powerfull enough for this stuff. Guess in the next release they will get better :slight_smile:
I’ll do as you say, a chain of bones on the rope and by hand animation :expressionless: