USB (type B) Plug

Going for realism.

Im going to work on textures for the ground, and trying to get a better quality render; its all blotchy and blue.

Not much left, but c&c is still good :wink:


take the cloud-ish texture down some on the metal part of the plug…not very realistic. Also - does molded polymer (plastic/rubber) bleed that much colour to a white surface under direct lighting? I wouldn’t think so, but I may be wrong.

Other than that, simple, but good.


Very believable. The cord must be made of some very soft plastic to bend like that.


Yeah, I dont know why it’s doing that. I’ll look into that, thanks


Ah right, the cord it much stiffer. Thanks I forgot about that.

How do I stop it from bleeding colour like that? And how can I change the colour? Im using an HDRI + yafray btw.




Added a B where its supposed to be.
used different HDRI.
adjusted the cord a bit.


Nice work! Looks like someone took a photo of it.

Spec map some fingerprints/oils / scratches / dull spots ect in if you are going for PR.(photoreal)

Right now looks a bit too “clean”, in reality there is always dust or smudges ect…

GJ with it though so far!

Also there should be a change in spec on the bump relief part on the plug at least from most plugs I’ve seen, the arrow and the “b” would be a bit smoother imho.(though I’m not sure if that is AO noise or intentionally there, the noise on plug itself).

Add specularity, or try to add very small (~0.05) Ray mirror to the cord material.