Use a Picture to Select a Vertices?

I want to put these words on this hat and I want them to be 3D. Is there a way I can select vertices based off of the values of this picture? Once I am able to select the vertices, I can handle the rest.

Not sure about that, but I would recommend that,

  1. You use the text from that image as a displacement map, which needs to be cleaned up, and a Greyscale image with smoothing with a Gaussian Filter…gimp can do that and a close font is Ocean-Regular…
  2. You actually add the font object in blender and shrink-wrap it to the hat…

Thanks for responding. However, I need to be able to select vertices of a mesh with the values of the image for other projects that are a lot heavier than just adding fonts. I’m just wondering if it’s possible or if I have to hand select (knife) everything

You could use the grease pencil tool to convert the image in a grease pencil object, then convert it to a mesh and use a knife project to separate the part you need from the mesh of the hat. Remember to do this in a copy of your hat cause it will cut the geometry.

Is there an online tutorial for that? I don’t know much about the grease pencil

One minute.

Its really simple. Here too:

Did it solve your problem? If so, can you mark it as solved? I would like to know if everything went good.

Trying it now.

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Thanks a mil!

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I am really glad you did it! Loved it.