Use an alpha-map to show texture over base-material

Hi there,
Comming from Corona Render I’m used to create a base material and slap some textures on the model using alpha transparancies. For example, create glass shader, UV-map a transparant texture on the glass (like a label) and because it uses an alpha-mask the glass is showing where there’s no texture.

The only way I can show my texture in Blender is to connect an image textture to the base color…removing the base color (even when the texture has transparancy).

I did manage to use an alpha-map on the BDSF shader and this WILL show the alpha map, but I still have no way to use the texture.

So…it sounds like a decal but it isn’t :slight_smile:

In blender the alpha is used to mix (the) RGB or mix (the) Shader. For a simple base color in a principled shader you have to copy the RGB value into an rgb node and for being glass where the image is transparent you have to use it to mix (shader) with a glass shader.