Use Different Materials/Textures between Collection Instances

I have any Collection of an aircraft (multiple objects). I create a Collection Instance of this aircraft to create a duplicate. On the duplicate I want to use different materials/textures (i.e. difference color scheme and aircraft numbers). The issue I am having is that on the duplicate Collection Instance there is no option to change textures/materials. I assume this is because it inherits them from the main Collection.

Is there a way I can have a duplicate Collection Instance and still be able to have different materials/textures assigned to it?

Any help is appreciate.

Different materials - no. But starting with Blender 2.92, you can use the Attribute node and sample attributes or custom properties from the object:

Thanks Stan_Pancakes.

Is there perhaps a different approach I should be taking other that Collection Instance then? I just want to be able to limits the memory user on the duplicated aircraft so it doesn’t kill my memory resources.