Use fluid sim to create realistic slobber?

Hi all

maybe my request seems a bit odd but I would like to try to create slobber as in the attached image. So this would be slow dripping spit out of a monsters mouth. Does it make sense to use fluid sim to achieve that? I tried to play around with fluid sim but never got a decent result. Unfortunately I deleted the blend file…
Or is there a better/easier way to do that?

Any help is appreciated!

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About fluid sim, I would rather tend to say no, because for such thin strands, a quite high grid resolution would be needed.

Maybe manually animated metaballs would be a workable option.

I think you are right. I tried different approaches with fluid sim and it looks like fluid sim is best for larger scale simulations. Such small things won’t really work.
I also played around with soft body physics and was able to achieve a pretty decent result (see attached .blend file). But I have one big problem. At a certain point in time, the slobber should detach from the dog’s mouth and fall to the ground. This means that I should disable the soft body goal for example at frame 90. The soft body goal is not animateable with key frames… Anyone has an idea how to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!
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slobber.blend (4.9 MB)

You can animate Goal->Strengths->Max. This should do it.

Awesome thx! Works!
Thanks a lot!