Use your voice to control Blender?

I know Maya can work with Window’s voice recognition feature to control hotkeys and even custom macros, but is such a cool feature possible with Blender?

Imagine using your voice to quickly dictate commands connected to more complicated processes and macros to quickly preform tasks that would otherwise take several times longer to preform by hand!

If anyone has any information on doing this currently, speak up! If not, let’s discuss this!!!

voice control would be laggy and unresponsive… if there is a thing i have to do many times, i tend to make a macro and use a hotkey / button to execute it already…

you would be surprised at how fast people get using hotkeys & the spacebar menu… i am significantly faster then when i started working full time in blender… voice control to me would be a hinderance rather then a helpful tool.

I can only imagine something like that being as frustrating as this video:

since there are already programs out there, which allow you to rebind hotkeys to midi input,*
there should be a program available for your input mode.

*Midi to keystroke

maybe this also suits the peculiar interest of people using maya with speech recognition;
Mattel and ex pixar people have worked on this one;

uh and it is cloud based…

In all honesty… Speech recognition was so far always awful and is there to make spying on you a bit easier.
For 3d modelling the midi input can be a nice touch thou.

More or less I’m using it for several month now in Blender and it’s quite comfortable.
I use it for about 150 Blendercommands, mainly the common ones like 3Dview direction, modi, object actions, viewportswitching, …
For customizing commands i have to use the “speech macros”.

In rare cases there is a misinterpreting of ambient noise, so a good micro is recommanded.

So, try it and settle back.