Useful Render Pass inspired by Vray | Wire Color

Hi guys, I’m not a coder so I’m not able to implement this feature;
I’m talking about the Wire Color Render Pass that Vray is able to generate.
It looks like this:
Useful for create speed mask in Gimp or Photoshop with the Magic Wand.

I know that in Blender I can create a material with random color but I think it’s useful have the same result with a click on render pass and one render.

Very cool! Well, we have object and material indexes (indices?), but I see that such color pass can be very useful (each plane has its own color) if it requires less setup.

Actually, you can do a color representation of the object and material ID quite easily in Blender.
Add a Set Alpha node with the object id pass, make a group of it and you have just one node to check your pass and pick the pixel to know what id number generate with the ID Mask node :wink:

Keep in mind that it is not antialiased and therefore almost useless…

It doesn’t matter because the colors are just usefull to pick the right ID. Once you have the number of the ID you want, create add the ID Mask node and check anti-aliasing! :slight_smile:

But that is not what your node setup shows :wink: I wonder if you know how to get the “rainbow image” with antialiasing out of blender.

At the moment I solve with this trick: this method is specially useful for selection out of blender!

This looks like a very good solution. What is the problem then?

No problem anymore. I think this solution is equal to having a dedicated pass;
But a dedicated pass would be a more intuitive solution for all!

Now I would like to bring the situation to next level.

In your opinion there is a way to store in the RandomColor the “BLENDER IS THE BEST” shape too?

You can check the diffuse color and glossy color pass if you can get the information there. If I am not mistaken in this situation the wire color pass from vray would not help you either.

You are absolutely right! I was so “random color” oriented, that I forgot simple solution!:wink: Glossy Color stores the information I need!

Hi MC78,

great Node-Setup.

Glossy Color stores the information I need!

Do you have a solution for masking out Bitmap-Textures(Picture-Blender is the best) for Random-Color?

Hi I found this thread on search engine, here’s an alternative method. I use Object Index instead of material index. To use Object Index go to Properties Window > Object > Relations tab > Pass Index, then on Properties > Render Layers > Passes check the Object Index box.