User Persp - Fish-Eyed?

Hi there,

I’m new to Blender, but have been using it solidly for about 3 Weeks now. I’ve come from a background of using Maya quite proficiently, so I’m not new to 3D concepts.

For the most part, I’ve had minimal issues with Blender; until now.
I’m building a 3D environment (saving revisions as I go).

Suddenly the “user persp” view has started ‘distorting’ - and making the scene look like I’m viewing it through a fish-eye lense. What ever is directly in front of me is ‘ok’-ish, but everything else looks very elongated.

If I go back to an earlier version of the file (3 or 4 revisions earlier) it looks fine. Have I accidentally hit some button, or has something gone bung with the environment?

[I’ve attached a comparison of how it looks in two different ‘revisions’, from about the same position]


Is this from the camera view, or from anywhere you look in the 3D View? I suspect that you may have adjusted the view camera’s lens size. You can set it back from the View panel of the 3D View’s Properties region (N hotkey). The default is 35.

On first picture u have orthographic view on next one perspective view. You can change between them by pressing 5 on your numeric keyboard.

EDIT:Sorry looks like You do use perspective view on both screens. Is it a camera view or normal one ?

rrtk: It was the ‘normal’ view, ie. Not looking through a camera. Looking through a camera made it look normal.

That was it!!! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
I had kind of ‘adjusted’ to the obscured view - but it was making modelling a real mind-twist