User Translate

Semi-automatically and manually add your own translated text to Blender.

Make the menu screen familiar by making the English text of the external add-on the language of your own country.



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Add your own translation dictionary

If you put the .csv file you created in the user_files folder of the add-on, it will be read as a translation dictionary file.

.csv file

If you write it in the following format, it will be interpreted as a dictionary.
The csv file can also be edited with spreadsheet software such as Excel.

“Translated text”, “English”
“ほげ”, “hoge”

“〇〇”, “〇〇”
“〇〇”, “〇〇”

important point

  • If you enter “\n”, it will be a line break.
  • " ← Cannot be registered normally as it is, so please use → ".

Automatic file update function


Reloads the translation dictionary every second so that you can see the translation immediately.
You can see and work on the translation results on the Blender screen while editing with a text editor.

Semi-automatic creation of translation files


You can create a translation file semi-automatically by extracting, translating, and combining the texts in other add-ons according to the procedur


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