Username change?

A long, long time ago, there was a thread about changing your user name.
I did ask in there. In 2008. Added my request like lots of others did.
But although I saw others getting their requests replied to, even people who applied for it after I did.
I never got my name changed.
I even asked twice, nothing! (2009)
Is there any chance at all, in this whole universe, that some kind soul could PLEASEEEE, change my username to FranOnTheEdge?

I would vote for you man, seems like a typo

Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s frantastic Fweeb, brilliant! Much appreciated. I’m overjoyed. (does little Snoopy dance of joy)

Don’t know if it’s a good thing to reply to a [SOLVED] thread, but I’d like to ask… how does one go about changing your username? I’d just like the last letter removed from mine, which then becomes ParticleXY.

Done. :slight_smile: In the future (not that I expect you to frequently change your name), just start a new thread and request there.

Thank you Fweeb :slight_smile: It’s perfect now.