Using 2.37a. armature phyton inestable?

Hi. I’ve read this in another post and maybe it’s the reason of the problems I’ve got

I’ve managed to animate a human face with an armature and make 2 movs. From normal to smiling and from normal to anger.I’ve done this only with an action strip of the armature because I can’t create new action strips and I can’t edit the strip I’ve already got. Maybe it’s a design problem as I’m far from a blender guru but maybe it’s a release problem?

This is the project I’m doing:


I’ve also tried with the ‘2.4’ and not only I get the same problem, but also the movs I’ve defined to the armature don’t work(when I play the animatin), only the camera movs. Any ideas?


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The AC: sonrisa doesn’t work because the 4 bones (mejilla i & d and boca i & d) don’t exist. AC: Action works because the bones exist.


Well, the action sonrisa was one of the things I made in order to learn so it hasn’t to be there.( neither mejilla I&D, etc). I’m trying things so maybe there are other mistakes or unerased things.

I would like to focus in the “Action” action strip (I should rename it).But that is one of the points. In the NLA editor, I cannot edit “Action”. In the guide it talks about ‘N’ key but when I press it the pop-up menu is empty. I also can’t add any more strips.
I’ve got some doubts. To work correctly, I should add a new action in the action editor, then set a key to the bones I would like to move in the action, move them and finally set another key some frames further. Correct?
In order to have the different actions separated and named correctly.

Many thanks Flight %.

Yes, when you want to make a second action (Llorar) with the armature you add a new action. When you do that and go back to the IPO window and look in Actions there will be no more IPO’s. So when you Keyframe llorar in the 3D window it’s IPO’s will be written to the new, empty IPO chanells of AC: Llorar. And when you open the action window you can choose from the menu AC: Action and see its keys, or AC: Llorar and see its keys.

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Well, nothing to say but thanks for the help and tutorials. I’m reading them.

Also another question if you don’t mind.As you’ve got the model, you can see the bone called “mandibula” which is supposed to be the jaw. When you rotate it downwards, the left side of the mouth works correctly but the right deforms a lot as if the bone had more influence in the vertices on that part of the mesh.(I’ve cut the mesh following some advises they gave me here).
I’ve tried with some weigth painting but I can’t manage a correct movement.
I know it’s a modelling problem but I’m not able to solve it.

Actualy, It doesn’t worry me much as in two days my tutor will give me the definitive mesh to work with, but if when I cut the mouth in the new one, it’ll happens the same, it would be good to know the solution.

That’s mainly a problem with Triangular faces; you’ll notice it get’s better with Subsurf on. It may be made worse by the angles and axis at which the mandibula bone was added relative to the mesh, but since neither the mesh nor the armature are set at Global position it’s hard to say, and hard to figure out. Always remember to Ctrl-N on the armature in edit mode with all bones selected and Ctrl-A on the Mesh and the Armature in Object mode before parenting.