Using 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator with Blender

I am new to Blender and just got my 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. My OSX is 10.11.5, my Blender version is 2.77 and the 3Dconnexion configuration version is 10.3. I have been reading a lot on different websites about configuring the SpaceNavigator in Blender and have found so far the following:

  1. the 3Dconnexion configuration file settings are not recognized by Blender, so leave the default setting
  2. Using the SpaceNavigator Left Mouse opens a 3D mouse settings window. Changing the various settings in this window enables the user to configure the SpaceNavigator in Blender?

I could really use some help in this area, so if anyone has been able to configure these settings correctly I would appreciate very much to hear from you.
Thank you

I received very valuable information through the following website: