Using 3ds Max or Maya

Hi everyone, so first let me say I love blender! Cant get enough of it. Seriously. In fact I gave my desktop to my little brother and am currently without, and now minorly depressed lol need a new build… anyways I’m wanting to break into the game development industry after college. It occured to me, should I be using and learning 3ds max or maya instead of blender? Since they’re a little more main stream. I’ve been blending for about 7 yrs now and am quite profecient. I hate to drop it all and learn a new program. Anyone made a switch? Would blender be fine for the industry? Or…when working a team could all artist use software of their choice. Then just compile it all together in the game engine, like unity or torque?

If you’re talking about working in a professional capacity, of course, blender is not going to do much for you or your resume as far as getting a job in the industry is concerned. I don’t personally work in the gaming industry though, I work in vfx. Maybe someone here who works in games can give you better insight.
But just look at job openings for Blizzard Entertainment, Riot or Activision and see how many people are looking for blender :slight_smile:
I would pick up 3ds max in a heartbeat if working in games professionally was my goal though I wouldn’t necessarily drop blender as it’s ease of use makes it indispensable for personal projects.
Not only would learning 3ds max be better for your particular career goals, if you decided you wanted to change career paths to say CG and vfx, you’ll find you already have the 3ds max experience and that experience will go a long way, not that 3ds max is used exclusively in the vfx.
Now there are a lot of very successful people out there working in blender exclusively but they seem to be mostly independents working on their own, which at that point you could pretty much use whatever you want as long as you can get the job done efficiently.

Anywho, that’s just my 2 cents.

Everytime I bring up blender to our senior cg artist, he just starts laughing uncontrollably haha That’s ok, I still love it and use it often but that just goes to show you what some of the seasoned professionals think of blender. And that might say more about this topic than I could ever write :slight_smile:

Wow. Thanks for the reply. I figured youd say that I’d need to branch out to 3ds max. I just didn’t wanna hear it. :slight_smile: thanks for the info

blender is great for a lot of things, I use it for most of my personal projects and stock video work but it’s just not the weapon of choice in the industry.
At the end of the day, it all comes down to what’s going to make you more employable unless you’re working for yourself.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info. I think ima make use of the 30 day trail. I see that now autodesk will let u subscribe monthly for software rather than pay 3500ish up front.