Using a seperate image as an alpha map?

I have these two images. I would like to apply both to the same plane so that light passes around the person appropriately. I have done this in the past where a single image has transparency. But I have never done it with 2 seperate images. Any ideas/help?

Nevermind, I got it working… Sorry…

I would think this might work by using those new “nodes”.
(Although I never tried it myself).

Other option to combine the images in GIMP, and use
the result in Blender.

What was your solution?

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could u tell me how to do that in blender and in gimp? i could never figure it out…

I applied both images to the same mesh without doing any gimp work. This was the best solution for me because I am thinking about downloading over 100 of these images. If I had to gimp every set, it would become very tedious.

So, I started out by simply applying the alpha map to the mesh using this tutorial:

After I got the alpha to work properly, I added another image texture to the material and added the girl.

Worked great. And it wsa MUCH better than my gimp results as it was quite difficult to cut around and through the girl properly… especially the strands of hair you see in the alpha map.

This might be one way I can think that could work:

Add a new material on a plane object
Load the person img into texture slot 1
Load the ‘filter’ image (silhuette of person) into texture slot 2
go to texture 2 mapping and click on ‘stencil’ (makes tex 2 act as a stencil that cuts out areas from tex1)
adjust mapping settings as needed

I think the methodology I posted is the intended use especially since the image is called an alpha map. Here is one test render I did with it.