Using a Vector Image for Textures

Hey guys! New member to this forum but a long time lurker. I know that this question has been asked in the past but those topics have been from years ago (I believe) So I was just wanted to know if there has been any new developments with addons of if blender has any intention to officially support Vector images as textures?

I am an aspiring game designer that wants to make a western stylized cell shaded game that has strong line art and gradients, in other words the perfect style for vector art. I guess that having the ability to import vector images as textures in Blender is a non-issue as I intend to use Unity as my game engine… So I probably should join up there and ask…

An alternative I have been considering with my game is to to have 2 textures composited to make up the diffuse. I need sharp line art but just solid and gradient colors… So my thoughts were to have a 512x512 color map that had a 4096 x 4096 black and white 8 bit map overlayed on top of it. That way I get the extra sharp line art but don’t need to waste memory loading huge file sized textures… Dunno if that has been tried before. (I have no doubt it has) But I would love some input from the smart guys that lurk on these forums.

You cannot use vector image as textures

You cannot use vector image as textures

Not in Blender ATM moment unfortunately… But I have read of on this old theads on this forum that in the past there were addons that did the effect but have been abandoned… Also I KNOW 3DS Max slipped in the feature in 3DS Max 2014…

So yeah just wondering if the right coder with an interest has bothered implementing it recently?.. I’m a vector artist and 3D artist… Meaning I’m more of a technical artist than an organic artist… And combining my two favorite arts into one would be a dream.

You cannot use vector image as textures

Unfortunately you can’t with Blender ATM but it is possible to use vectors as a texture as it became a reality for 3DS MAX with their 2014 package.

I also know that people have dabbled with integrating vector textures as addons to blender from other threads on this forum… But all those projects have been abandoned.

So yeah I was just asking as that thread was 2 years old now if anyone has any news on any cool new addons to add Vector images as textures since then? I’m aspiring to make a cel-shaded stylized game and thought that having vector images as textures would be nifty… Guess there isn’t anything keeping me from using Illustrator to make the textures to get that iconic crisp vector look and then just export a raster image.