using baked materials


i was wondering if the method described here:

can also be used to create uv maps from the way orchomapped objects looks

what i mean is, texture an object using colour, light, or another texture map, apply it anyway other then uv.

have it render?

then save the way that the material is applied as a uv image.

-here is a situation where this is useful-

i have rendered as a test a spike,after appling 7 different texture maps (as texture in the material tab, not uv maps!) i got the appearance i wanted.

after it was done, i moved it to look a bit more like a spike that is bend back, and all hell broke lose regarding mapping, you could actually see a location where all the maps close in on one point (before it looked good because its a spike, but now the point has moved and it looks horrible)

so i was wondering, (using a baking method) can you bake the way a material is applied to a mesh, and then bake it into a texture map so that you can then use that map to uv map the object withouth habing to paint every uv map squaer ( i tired but i get results which arent even as good as 1% as i had before!)

so is there anyone who can help me?