using blender 2.63 with python 2.6.2

so is it posible to use blender 2.63 with python 2.6.2? because i have a loooot of scripts that work pretty fine with blender 2.49 and python 2.6.2, and i want to update to the newer version of blender without losing them

It’s not just the version of python that has changed so even with python 2.6 they still won’t work without being updated.

If you have them full running with the 2.49 API (= no deprecession warnings) there are just minor changes to upgrade to Python 3. THe main difference is print just add () to it.

uhm some are running nice, some others show deprecation warnings(i got the most from a lot of random internet webs)

The deprecation warnings tell you what to change (indeed you need to know about python syntax)

uhm ok i will try to check those that dont work, thanks for the help!