Using Blender for Motion Graphics

Pretty cool theoldghost, how did you get the animation of the glass or mirrors so smooth? Non Cycles or a ridiculous amount of render time?

Feboccini, I really like the use of extruded text for the traditional mographic animation!
How did you get the text elements to reveal themselves without face intersections or flickering? Is it Cycles redering and animated “restrict rendering” value in the Outliner?

After looking through this (again) and thinking about the name of the “site”… How about “Blemo”?

After seeing the effort that NPR has put on BEER in order to create, support and finance the project. It would be nice and posible that the Blender Mograph comunity do something similar in order to provide Blender with a mograph module.

Thanks for the link… I’ve seen it now! Looks very useful!

Blender’s 3D modeling and character animation tools to enhance the storyboards, re-creating sets and props, and putting into motion action and camera moves in 3D space. All the best!

3pointEdit, thanks. Your question reminds me of how long I’ve been on my current project. Because I simply don’t remember except of course they were all done in Cycles. I can tell you anything over five minutes per frame will freak me the hell out. And, that my rather modest GeForce GT 530 - GPU limits what I can animate in Cycles. I’m using YafaRay with Direct lighting for this current ongoing seemingly never ending effort.

very simple one from me using a Blender guru tutorial for my Random Material and Texture Generator - GYES Blender addon

here’s a small test I did, with the “Bake Sound to F-Curve” operator in F-Curve editor.

Immediately found a use for an addon, where you can set intervals 100,1000,10000
and the addon creates n-amount of empties and keyframe their z-axis, then bakes the sound file chosen in the addon dialogue in the set interval, so 10000 intervals would be 10 empties, 0-10k 10k-20k … etcetera.

because mostly, you would like to have empties driving parts of the object in the scene, also when using drivers you can clamp and convert the values … pretty easy, even if I would prefer the drivers to be node based. or at least the logic node based, the f-curve editor could draw the value graphs for debugging or visual feedback.

@aermartin You could probably do something like that with motion tool

Here’s something I made recently:

Coming soon… more placeholder text :smiley:

Blend file:

A little F-Curve play using BI.

Ummm private vid, but I’m sure it’s cool.

Sorry guy I hope this solved the problem.

Groovy dadyoh

Wondering what’s the state of play here. I want to use Blender as my key motion graphics tool, but 2.8 whilst great didn’t really seem to address all the previous mograph requests.

Is the community still using it as primary tool or are people using other tools for this area?

it will be addressed with the everything node project i guess, but beside that i think blender needs a new soft body solver & a better text control

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Until then, Animation Nodes…

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@razin +1 for text control certainly. So I summise from this 2.8 isn’t yet ready for deep production mograph (anymore than 2.79 was in regards to new mograph specific features). From memory everything nodes beta is quite a ways off.


Thanks, no love for OS X, ) seriously though it seems the Mac versions are in a more ‘untested’ state. Might be an idea I stick with 2.79 for now.

Personally I do wish Blender would make gains in this area. A fantastic product though.