Animation Nodes 2.1 for Blender 2.8 Build for Windows x64

Download today’s build here:

Learn more about Animation Nodes + EEVEE:


Hi did you make some changes to the original 2.8 build ?

I just got the latest 2.8 version from Jaques’ github, the most recent version of 2.8 from blender and installed it without having to to anything else…

there have been plenty of changes in the github repo on the blender2.8 branch of animation nodes since the “release” on dec 15 2018 … my build includes all of the latest commits

Thanks for the videos.
Haven’t looked into the AN yet, but as a Softimage user, the nodes do feel a bit like ‘home’ :wink:


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yeah but we can always grab the latest version with commits on github aren’t we ? does your build is the last AN up to date from github ? or did you add personal stuff to it ?

You can grab it but it’s not compiled…that’s the gift @crazychris is giving us.

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oh ok, kind of noob with cython, i didn’t know you have to compile it for it to work, not the usual with python addon…

yes, it is a bit of a headache to build and it needs to be built separately for each OS - I am on Windows 10 x64 and that is what I built

ok, didn’t know about that ! thanks for the build, sorry about dumb question !

no problem :wink:

Hi Chris,
I there a guide to make an (Mac OS) build?

Tried to buy you a coffee for your efforts but the link takes me to the download.

Me too-could not buy any coffee.
Btw. Are we in stage to achieve proper results for this ?

I think there are guides out there… but I don’t do Mac so I can’t help - sorry…

Oh sh*t … don’t know why that had the wrong link in it… Please try or go to directly. THANK YOU!!!

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The Particle System doesn’t output anything yet (in B2.8 builds) … I am waiting for a fix also. Development seems very slow at the moment, no updates in the source code for days :frowning:

Thank you for Animation Nodes! Would anybody liek to use their brain power on this one? I have a little text problem that somebody might be able to help with…

is the audio and sounds nodes working yet?

Yes, the new version… see and