Using Blender for web graphics

I’m completely new to 3D graphics and I’m not an artist or anything. I started going through a Wikibook on Blender, but it was starting to get too irrelevant for my needs so I quit. I can’t seem to open the Blender manual.

I’m trying to create this graphic for my website. It’s supposed to be an object made of sheet metal or brushed metal with lighting on it. I’m replacing another graphic so I want this one to be the same size in pixels. I’ve already created my object using one blender grid square per pixel and scaling it down by 10, so I guess I just need to know how to convert blender units to pixels for the render. I guess I want this conversion done before I import the texture graphic because I want to be able to tile the image, and I can create a tile-ready texture in Photoshop. Is there a way I can do that? I know I can put the camera in orthographic mode and I see there’s a scale setting, but I don’t know how to calculate what scale to use.

I basically want to use blender as a way to put lighting and shadows on things, so I don’t have to learn how to do that myself in Photoshop.

Thanks in advance! Sorry about the wordy post.

i have no idea what your trying to do but is it close to this?

Well, this is probably going to look like spam, but I’m working on this webpage:

And the gray stuff on the left behind the menu I want to look like brushed metal, like they have on the top of this site:

I think that looks pretty good. It’s got the shadows and the lighting and stuff. My metal strip is supposed to have a gutter going down the middle, in order to play off the lighting and stuff. That’s my goal anyway.

I just want something behind that menu that looks good and I thought maybe if I could accomplish that, then I would extend it above to the header and make a fancy metal thing around the logo or something. I think that would be sweet, and I think Blender would allow me to do stuff like that.

oh do you mean like dis? :eyebrowlift2:

More or less. Now do you know how to render something into a bitmap of a particular size or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, go to the render button and you will see a slide that says format. that will have all your size options

Got it! :slight_smile: