Using blender in Powerpoint?

Hi there,

Wondering if it’s somehow possible to use the both together. Like a 360 view of a product in a powerpoint slide.

Any tips or tutorials on this?

Furthermore i saw a program by which you can email 3d object and the user can interact with your 3d object, that is he can break it apart rotate etc. I thought i was called “simple works”, but apparentley not cause i can find it with google. Any idea???

Just render to an AVI and put that in your powerpoint pres.

Or, you can make it a game get the blender 3d web plugin, the IE version will work fine in PPT - just go Insert->Object
Unfortunately the plugin hasn’t been updated since 2.25 (afaik) so don’t do any new fancy stuf in 2.33 (in fact, actually make the game part in 2.25 if you can)
.blend files are upward compatible, you can open a new .blend in an old blender with no problems if it doesn’t use new features - and if you do the new features will just be ignored :smiley:

This was my solution too… did it during an Engineering presentation a few months ago.


is indeed a good solution. But I thought you could “embed” a .blend. So when making some adjustments you didn’t need to export your .blend.

Here’s how to “embed” a blend:

Remember: the blender 3d web plugin must be installed on the computer that will do the presentation, and the .blend is not actually embedded in the .ppt file, you have to ship it seperately…