Using Blender Lights as real world lights for LD

Hey All,

I’ve been using Blender a lot for Lighting Design work to create different looks for clients during pre-vis. A few of the Gaffer’s I’ve been working with lately have been wondering if there was any way to correlate Blenders lights to real world lights.
For example, does a point light with a strength of 1 corespond to a 1K HMI? Would an emission light which is 1m x1m relate to a 4 bank Kino flow… etc.

It would be very nice to be able to light this way since more traditional DP’s and Gaffers would then be able to just light a scene the way they normally would in the real world.

And, it would be great to save time in the Lighting Design process by mocking up the scene in Pre-Vis first.

Would appreaciate any help or advice on this matter.
Thank you,