Using blender on the bus

Hi what tips would you recommend for me to use blender effectively on the bus?


take a pill on car sickness :evilgrin:


City transit? Don’t.
Greyhound/cross country? Meh. Find some part of the program you want to learn and work on it for a bit. Then break out a couple of chapters of Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy before getting back into it.

select a bus with good springs LOL

happy bl

Sit between the axles not over an axle, this will provide the smoothest ride on a long wheelbase vehicle. However if you suffer from motion sickness sit over the rear driver’s side wheel as it travels the least around corners and you pivot over the rotation fulcrum.

Learn to use the trackpad and the middle button replacement. On a MBP you use a 2 finger drag to zoom in/out. In User Prefs turn on Emulate 3 button mouse and Emulate Numberpad.

Try changing the DPI or character size of the interface in Prefs>System, this will make the UI more legible when bouncing down a rough road and make hitting a tick box easier.

Learn to use keyboard selection or tool change where possible, I use Spacebar>choose function a LOT.

Try to raise your laptop above your knees if possible, so that you aren’t craning your neck down to much. After an extended bouncing ride your head can cause quite a lot of strain on the elevator scapulae muscle.

Try to preserve some elbow room and choose a relatively shaded position away rom direct sunlight.

Heres’s me Blending on a Bus!

cheers for the awesome explanation :smiley:

I think that I will write it up in more detail and put it on my blog. I never realised that anyone else would be doing this. Can I ask why you need to Blend on a bus? What tips might you have for me?

On the bus It takes me at least 90 minutes to get into the city for social or employment reasons. I’d like to not waste this part of my day

And here, at last, is the longer version at my blog