Using Blender to model for garry's mod.

I want to know if i can use the current version of blender to model for garry’s mod and what steps are needed to get my stuff into garry’s mod (preferably working). Also i have been unable to find any help modding for garry’s mod (pls provide any help if you wish to aid me, thx).

Second of all: (i have not bought garry’s mod yet, was waiting for the next sale, as i just came across this game recently).:no:

Garry’s Mod has a huge community, so you should be able to find a lot of information out there. Start with going over to the Facepunch Studios website. GM is built on the Source engine, so you’ll need to have a working knowledge of Hammer, I believe, which is (was?) the tool used to create the levels for Source games. I think most folks are also using GMOD, which is sort of a lite version of Autodesk’s 3DSMax. That’s about all I know.

Google is your friend… that’s something you can find in less than 3 minutes. And games that have workshops ALWAYS offer a guide to upload your stuff there, I mean, it’s one of their features, they want you to use it and even if you can’t find the official guide, there’s always people that make their own guide for it.

There is actually an up to date add-on to port blender models into source (Garry’s Mod). If you go here: You can download the file, then go into blender in the user preferences section. Click install from file and find your file, then make sure to check the box. You can find the changes in the ‘property menu’ under ‘scene’, there will be three sections added for your convenience. The website also provides documentation to help out with the process. Garry’s Mod is definitely worth the buy, it is really addicting and has a large community even with it’s age.