Using Blender3d for a commercial game

Me and my friends have been debating forever on what to make our game with. We have sorta settled on Blender’s game engine. We are not going for next generation game. But with Blender’s engine we will still be able to create a high quality game. However we are unsure of the license with Blender. If you make a commercial game with Blender. Do you have to release your .blend files? As well as are you even able to sell your games?



you are free to sell your games. I don’t have a link to support this but I’m sure you don’t have to release your .blend

Check out the thread on BPPlayer. I think that is your best bet for releasing your game comercially.

There has been quite a bit of debate on this issue. Anything you create in Blender and then save as a .blend is yours. You have all rights possible to that creation. The thing is, if you save your game as a runtime, the only practical solution considering you can’t have everyone you want to play your game download Blender, then the Blender Player which is lisenced under the GPL is saved within that runtime, along with your game files, and therefore also results in that file falling under the GPL.

Just search around, my short explanation doesn’t cover it all and I’m sure I got something wrong but both have their pros and cons. However, I’m sure there is a way to get around this. Remember, Google is your friend.

You can use a file structure as it has the Apricot game. This way your .blends won’t be into the game player and therefore they won’t be cover under the GPL license.
Also, you will have to do an encryption system (throught python scripting) to avoid that the .blends you put into the different directories can be readed.

This link will be useful for you

I think this question will be covered more and more - the current answer is that there is no definitive answer ( it has been debated many times, with no conclusion other than there are gray areas ).

There really out to be a more definite statement ( isn’t there talk of relicensing 2.5? ), where the Blender owners state that any content released as a compiled GE can be released without having to release the original .blend file.

Hopefully the gray area thing won’t put you off using Blender and the very cool GE.

Thank you guys for your reply’s :). I believe we are still gonna stick with BGE for our first game. If we run into issues with just using BGE we may just make our first game free. Haven’t fully decided.

We still plan to use BGE :). I am not a pro with blender3d. But I do greatly enjoy using Blender3d. I am slowly learning as much about it as I can. With any luck we can have a demo of our game up in a few weeks.