Using Bones Custom Properties as Drivers

A quick video tutorial showing how to set up custom properties on armature bones to use as drivers to control other settings in Blender. By assigning a custom property to a bone in pose mode, a control will appear in the transform panel in the 3d view when the bone is selected in pose mode. This property can be used to control anything that a driver can be assign to in Blender. The video shows how I set it up to control visibility/rendering of a mesh object, controlling a shape key, and setting the influence of a constraint. By using this simple method, you can quickly control settings that you might otherwise have to search thru panels to find the setting and key frame them, speeding up the animation work flow greatly.

Feel free to ask any questions and see the attached .blend file.



custom_property_example.blend (407 KB)

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That’s a nice intro to drivers. Thanks a lot — You’ve been bookmarked!

Nice job Randy… Some good information there for sure!

Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Is there anyways to change the slider visual type? or even to change it to checkbox?