using bvh files

i have a model with armature. i made some animation takes for it. i use vertex groups with weight paint.

i found free bvh files from internet. i want to apply this armature and animation to my existing model.

if i change my armature’s bone names like free bvh has, i can use animation except hips location and rotation. because target and source armature’s sizes are different movements of armature became unnatural.

what is the way to use different armatures and animations on existing a model and armature . i dont want to create vertex groups for all different armatures.

BVH is not really a shortcut to animation. It might be easier to just plop the imported BVH on top of your existing rig in the scene. Then just keyframe your rig to match?

i have 4 mocap libraries that have 4 different armature model. i want to use combination of them. do you suggest me to create 4 weight paints and use it?