Using Dynamic Paint with Cycles?

Hello, I never used dynamic paint and the tutorials I find online are for <2.8 so I can’t find all the features in 2.9…
Basically I need that my object shades of another material, in cycles, when another target object passes nearby. So I’ve seen I need to set an Attribute as Factor.
I’ve read I can’t use the proximity modifier for mixing materials, but I have to use dynamic paint.
I am completely clueless about how to set this up, so please tell me how…

Edit: more specifically, I don’t need it for an animation but for a dynamic object to be flexible for different contexts. Imagine an object that is flexible to be put half in the water, and so, getting darker and glossier if placed in “proximity” of the water (that would mean half dip).

Hmm, this worked for me: How to use Dynamic Paint.

You mean the video on YT that appears there or you just mean mocking me?
Because that video doesn’t treat about syncing it with Cycles

No, not mocking you.
There is no syncing to cycles. Perhaps you did like me and missed the part where they talk about having to hook it all up in the node editor. Once that’s done, it will work with all the rendering engines.

For what you are asking on your edit, you want to control that through distance. So at 1m, the water becomes dark. Above 1 m, it is bright.

Dynamic paint really isn’t for what you seek to do.