Using "Edge" in the Node Editor?

At the Blender Wiki, it shows a screencap from 2.4x in which the “Edge” option in post-processing can be put on its own Render Layer.

However, I can’t see whether this is still possible in 2.6x (why wouldn’t it be?) I can see many potential uses for it, and would love to have the choice.

So does anybody know whether this is still possible and, if so, how to do it? Thanks as always.

In Render / Post Processing panel enable Edge
In Render / Layers create a new render layer with Edge enabled

Worked perfectly. Thanks as always, Richard Marklew!

For any future lurkers, the location of the “Edges” option for Render Layers is:

Properties > Render > Layers > Included > Edges

So, for my Edge Render Layer, I unchecked all of the options there EXCEPT for Edges. Worked perfectly.