Using Flowframes Video Interpolator and Topaz Enhance Video AI with low framerate blender renders

Tree creature demo file by Daniel Bystedt RIFE tests

Rendered an old scene I made in Blender using Eevee render. Rendered 1080p at 6fps. Total of 40 frames of animation.

Then I used Flowframes 1.22.3 RIFE to make 4 times the frames. So I got 24fps from a 6fps.

I upscaled the video in Topaz Video AI to 4K using Theia Fine Tune Fidelity.

Repeated the video a few times so you don’t have to rewind to check out the difference.

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Quite impressive. There are a few jumping artifacts around the grass in the bottom of the frame, but they aren’t too objectionable.

That can be solved by using overshoot with safe areas in rendering. It like that because the big frame jumps confuses the AI on the edges of the video.

Is it time consuming to make such conversions? How much time did both steps take?

I have a bad computer. I’ll do the test again to give you exact numbers. Actually. I could see if there is a better animation from blender foundation where I render every 6th frame and do this procedure.

Edit: Does anyone have an idea where I can get a animation scene for blender? I think tree creature is animated from demo files. Is there more?

Edit2: Downloading the blend file goes to 300MB then it stops for some reason

Please don’t spend too much time on it, just an estimation would be more fine :slight_smile:
I guess it’s much quicker than rendering 24fps/4K?

Yes of course. I was like 3s/frame on the upscaling part and the rife was several frames a sec.

67 to 265 frames took 2.31 min. 6 fps to 24 fps. Result not so good on the model. On the background it’s good.

200 frames to 400 frames took 2 minutes. Result is much better.

Problem is that if some thing is frame perfect like eyelids open and close, that frame might not be there. Or if the movement is to big. I’ll post a comparison video.


That’s very quick. Thanks for checking times. I never did that so far, but it looks like it might be worth checking those AI apps :slight_smile:

Another test. 15fps 720p to 60fps 1080p upsceled.


Just wow, a real game changer for animation! I checked the website, installed it (5$ donation option) and I am really impressed with the result, even if it was just a very simple test (24 → 96 low sample render)

Thank you for sharing this!