using fluids to make a simple seascape

I wonder why I cannot find a proper how to make a sea/ocean in Blender.
I am working in 2.39 version, and “fluids” should provide an easy way to make an ocean- nevertheless I cannot find ANY tutorial on the internet on the matter.

All fluids tutorials cover a drop falling into a glass or something like that, and this “explosion”/spashing water effect is in my opinion much more complicated than to make an ocean(I´m not demanding SURF, just nice realistic waves). So why can´t I find such a tutorial?

Yes, I know that if you look up blender sea tutorial etc. on google or youtube, a lot of tutorials pub up, but they are either very old and do not use fluids, (and hence, they are not too convincing according to 2010 standards, OR they cover this silly falling drop in the water")
Basically the situation in the cup of water some time after the drop has fallen and the water is near STILL, is actually what I am looking for:-) but I would need a tutorial entirely dedicated to a seascape(fluids), and since this is a common element(a sea), I don´t think that I am asking of too much.

I hope that someone won´t tell me now that the reason why I cannot find a proper tutorial is because fluids cannot be used for oceans:O

The fluid simulator was designed for smaller scale simulation, however I have achieved decent wave motion with it. You need to build it like a wave pool at a theme park, set up an obstacle that will pump the waves from one end. It will look good only for a few seconds of animation though.

The fluid simulator is not the best way to create an ocean, since it is extremely heavy on your computer. (I found that out trying to recreate the waterbending effect from The Last Airbender.) As for tutorials there are tons of them and some are very good. Just google “creating waves” or “creating an ocean” and you’ll come up with enough to keep you busy.