Using game property to control actuator values (BGE Logic Bricks)

For example, Is it possible to control a value on a motion actuator by linking it to the value of a set property? For example movement speed that can be changed on the fly by changing the property value, to change the speed? If not possible solely using logic bricks then how would you do this using script? Would prefer logic bricks though.

(Using the picture as reference) Basically I just want the value of the X Rotation (second red box) to mirror what ever the value is of the property sp1 (first red box) say if I update the property then the rotation value will also update with it to the same matching value.

Haven’t used blender in a long time and I’m trying to get back into it. I swear I remember there was an easy way to do this.


just use python,
this applies the property Throttle, in the x direction

import bge


you can do just about anything by mixing a little logic, and a few python controllers.

keypress w ------------------------and-------------Add 1 to throttle
if Throttle min:0 max 99----/

kepress s -------------------------and--------------Add -1 to Throttle
Throttle min:1 max: 100–/

Throttle not equal zero----------Python

Thank you. I just really need to set some time aside and start learning python I guess.

I can’t see what values you have inside the red boxes image is too blurry.
(or my eyes are bad) LOL

So if I understand correctly. To speed up the rotation of a cube with only logic bricks using properties and spacekey;

Give the Cube a property > named “whatever” > int > (or string if you want do type a lot of extra characters)

property “whatever” = 0 -------and-------motion RotX 0.04
property “whatever” = 1---------and--------------motion RotX 0.05 (little faster)
property “whatever” = 2---------and-------------motion RotX 0.06 (faster still)

Then use a keyboard sensor

Keyboard “Space”-----------and--------------property > add > property “whatever” = 1

So when you press the spacebar it adds 1 to property “whatever” and speeds up the rotation.